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  People having beard are considered rude but when you maintain and groom beard properly, there is no women that will not fall for you. People who have better beard growth cab be told as blessed because growing a beard is not an easy task. At the same time beard has to be maintained properly to get a perfect look. Even if you are bald over head, a well styled and groomed beard can very well compensate it. Following are some tips that you should follow while grooming your beard. Resist trimming when you first grow: When you start growing...

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  If you are dating a guy with beard and wondering if you can take your relation to next level, here we help you. From ages people with beard are considered rough and rude. But when you read this, you’re attitude will definitely change towards a beard guy. Looks: time has come where a clean shaved man is no longer a style icon. Beard turns a boy into man. A man with a beard is always a hot catch and is very attractive. He can bring butterflies to any women in stomach.  History shows that a man with beard is...

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