8 Tips to maintain your beard

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8 Tips to maintain your beard


People having beard are considered rude but when you maintain and groom beard properly, there is no women that will not fall for you. People who have better beard growth cab be told as blessed because growing a beard is not an easy task. At the same time beard has to be maintained properly to get a perfect look. Even if you are bald over head, a well styled and groomed beard can very well compensate it. Following are some tips that you should follow while grooming your beard.

Resist trimming when you first grow: When you start growing beard it may take some time to set your style. You cannot escape trouble in the beginning stages of your beard growth. It is a long journey involving heights of awkwardness and outside criticism. But once it grows properly and coats your face, it is the time when you have to start grooming for best appearance.

Regular Cleaning:  beards attract dust and microorganisms which are main sources of infection. It may harm your skin/scalp underneath the beard. It causes itching and irritation which is not at all advisable when you are amidst the crowd.  When you clean your beard you can expel dust and microbes off and protect your skin. Scrub your beard several times each week with a specialized cleanser that suits your beard and skin type.

Combing the beard: this is a part where you can train your beard. By combing you can set the growth of beard in one direction i.e. downwards. Apart from this, combing can spread the moisturizing natural oils secreted all over and gives your beard shiny look and helps your beard grow evenly.

Periodical trimming: you may think when our aim is to grow beard, where is the need of trimming. Trimming is very much essential to optimize your beard. Shapeless beard gives an awkward appearance. Proper trimmed beard is very much recommended then a barbarous and irregular beard. Untrimmed hair does not help you in any way. Beards are attractive not by the size of it but by the way you groom it. Hence periodical trimming is first to be followed formula in maintaining your beard.

Do not trim your beard when it’s oily: it is a very bad idea to trim your beard when it is oily because correct size and shape of the beard is not true when it is oily. You can get perfect estimate of your beard only after you give it a proper wash.

Nourish your beard: you can keep your beard healthy by nourishing it. Use beard oils and balm that protect your beard and keeps it soft and shiny. Oil is the best trainer of your beard.

Style the beard according to your face: Shape of your beard cannot be ignored while styling your beard. Research a bit on this issue before your start styling because it is very important that the beard should be in tune with your face cut.

Diet: last but not least, your beard growth also depends on the diet you follow. Unhealthy living style can reduce the shine and bulkiness of your beard. Nourishing the beard with vitamins like B5, B3, and B9 is highly suggested. If you are seriously committed you can also use supplements that nourish your beard.